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Millum’s principal product for suppliers is Millum Commerce. This is an online supplier portal that brings all your goods and catalogues together in one place. It provides you with a hub for doing business with more of your customers and their procurement systems. In addition, as a supplier you can connect to Millum Trade, enabling you to create a customised online store for all other customers. This makes it possible for Millum Commerce to be your sole access point for trade with all your customers. If that’s what you want.

Why should you be a part of Millums marketplace?


One contact surface - many buyers


Be where your customers are


Get control of your deals


Increase the contractuality

Use Millum Commerce as the point of contact to your customers


Millum Commerce has the potential to be the only interface you need to automatically receive business messages from your customers, but it can also be so much more. It can be the place where you easily retrieve sales reports, or update your product catalogue with ecolabels or images. Or perhaps you just want to get an idea of the number of potential customers at the other end of this technological platform?

It could even be your backup order portal for producing order confirmations, packing slips or electronic customer invoices. Whatever your needs – Millum Commerce is designed to be the best tool in your toolbox when it comes to keeping customers happy. 

”It is critically for us to have all suppliers assembled in one system,  with updated products and prices, along with the possibility to easily make inventories through the portal”

Pål Semb-Johansson

 CEO - Nores 

Millum Trade – your very own online store


If, as a supplier, you use Millum’s products, then you have already done most of the hard work. As your catalogue has already been uploaded, creating a e-commerce portal for your entire customer portfolio, including any customers without their own procurement portal, is easy.

Send or receive invoices?

Both represent big value whether you aim for cost reduction or increased overview and control. We can help you with it all. 


Whether the invoice goes in or out of your company, are converted from or to EHF-format or other systems, are conveyed via the PEPPOL-network or directly to your business partner, are sent on paper or scanned to paper - we have the services to help you with an effective invoice flow.


Give your customers all the information they need – in one place

Food allergies and food intolerance are becomingly increasingly common in Norway, meaning that both the authorities and diners in particular demand accurate and reliable information about the ingredients used in products. For that reason, we have developed matinfo.no, which enables you, as a supplier, to provide all the information you want about your products, including ingredients, nutritional content and potential allergens. In Sweden vi cooperate with validoo.se and dabas.se.

Take responsibility for your value chain

Plenty of Millum’s customers already use Factlinesin work to control and monitor their supply chains. Our cooperation with Factlines provides suppliers registered in our supplier portal (Millum Commerce) with a unique opportunity to document and demonstrate their corporate social responsibility towards purchasers.


Use the information behind the figures

Our portals process a vast quantity of figures and other data; data that you can use in your planning, strategy and development work. We can help you to identify new customers and segments.

An agreement should benefit both parties

When it comes to procurement and e-commerce, attention tends to focus on the purchaser’s needs and priorities. However, to ensure the right conditions for successful negotiations between parties, this narrow view has to be expanded.


Getting started as a supplier


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Millum has extensive experience of developing and commissioning e-commerce solutions for both purchasers and suppliers. This, combined with broad knowledge of the industry, makes us an excellent sparring partner for you.