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Reach more customers with one system

Millum Commerce is our main product for suppliers. It gives you a connection point to all of your customers who use Millum. 

We also offer Millum Trade - a tailor-made online store for customers outside Millum. 

In a few words:

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Why should you use Millum Commerce?


  • A single interface makes it easier to reach customers.
  • Efficient processing of orders.
  • Easy to update catalogues and product information.
  • Order confirmation, packing slip and electronic invoice combined. 
  • Access to insight in reports and data. 
  • Increased customer loyalty and access to new potential customers.
  • Partnership with Factlines - documentation of corporate social responsibility.

Do you have any questions about Millum?

This is how you get started


Establish agreements with customers


Acquire access to Millum Commerce


Upload your products


Get selling!

”Having all of our suppliers in one place, with up-to-date products and prices and the ability to carry out stocktakings through the portal, is absolutely critical for us.”

Pål Semb-Johansson

CEO - Nores