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An iPad displaying the Matinfo page is placed on a table with vegetables. Photo.

Matinfo - Easily report ingredients, nutritional content and allergens

Restaurants know the importance of food allergies and intolerances, and it has become a requirement from both authorities and guests for good and correct information about what all products actually contain. That is why Millum has developed matinfo.no (in Norwegian), where you as a supplier have the opportunity to enter all the information you want about your products; including ingredients, nutritional content and allergens. In Sweden, we collaborate with validoo.se and dabas.se.


With Factlines, you take responsibility for your value chain. Several of Millum's customers already use Factlines in their efforts to secure their supply chains. Our collaboration with Factlines facilitates a unique opportunity for suppliers who are represented in Millum Commerce to be able to document and present their social responsibility to buyers.


With this, the suppliers show that they have a method to be able to make demands and follow up in their dynamic, often global, supply chains.

Photo of a cargo ship.