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A good deal put into system

Whether you are a purchaser or a supplier, you know that there is a comprehensive process behind each order. What you might not know yet is that here at Millum we can make that process easier, less resource-intensive and more efficient. See the results on your bottom line. Every day.

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Millum cooperate closely with many of Scandinavia’s major procurement chains and suppliers, and is a neutral party in any transaction.

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Establish your own procurement portal and ensure compliance with supplier agreements

An issue often faced by purchasers is that not all employees comply with their company’s supplier agreements. Our solution involves gathering all your supplier agreements in a single procurement portal. This ensures that all employees have access to all correct products and pricing in one online portal, making purchasing from the correct authorised suppliers the quickest and easiest option and thereby minimising the risk of incorrect purchase behaviour.

Participate in the marketplace and secure more repeat customers

It is often difficult for suppliers to maintain a good overview of and continuity in customer relationships. Our solution is a separate marketplace, where suppliers can provide each customer with their own product catalogue. This not only makes it simple to use you as a supplier, but it also enables you to access more customers in one and the same place. Moreover, all orders are received through a single order management system.

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Systemize all your processes to the system

Millum’s solutions are fundamentally IT systems developed in partnership with customers to get the most out of each and every transaction. These solutions not only cater for orders and sales, but can also help with inventories and menu banks. We also supply tools for practical invoice management (in and out) and for operational analysis. These solutions and tools are tailored to the requirements of each individual business, and work in parallel with all manner of ERP and finance systems. Everyone involved receives proper training.



What you should claim from your digital procurement system

To maximize the benefits from having a digital procurement system it must ensure greater levels og control, simplified processes and increased profitability. But how do you achieve this?

”Two hours work on inventory rather than six, is four hours overtime saved or to be used on sales increasing work - every single time we do an inventory in one of our 130 units.”

Lars Petter Nilsen

Purchasing Manager - 4service

Getting started as a purchaser


Establish agreements with your suppliers


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Provide employees with access to the right products


Get good transactions. Every time.

Did you know that…?


Millum has more than 15 000 registrered users?

Illustrasjon av landene Norge, Sverige og Danmark hvor Millum jobber.

Millum operates in Norway, Sweeden and Denmark?

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Millum had a trade volume of approximately 9 billion in 2019?

Getting started as a supplier


Getting started as a supplier


Acquire access to Millum Commerce


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Get selling!


Ask us for advice today!

Millum has extensive experience of developing and commissioning e-commerce solutions for both purchasers and suppliers. This, combined with broad knowledge of the industry, makes us an excellent sparring partner for you.

Contributing to sustainable trade – solutions that also benefit the environment

Millum, aided by its subsidiary Matinfo, is working to develop digital solutions that help our customers to engage in sustainable trade using our portals.

Millum’s solutions reduce waste, the need for transport and consumption of paper. This increases the opportunity for creating a healthier environment. Together we can produce a ripple effect!

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