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Menubank is the module with the most functions in Millum Procurement. Here you will find a host of tools to make life in the kitchen more efficient and profitable.

Here are some of the tools you can find in Menubank:

Menu planning

You can set up and plan menus based on the recipes entered in Menubank, either by you or by the organisation. The recipes can be set up for frequencies that suit you best, such as weekly or monthly menus. Menu planning provides a good overview of ingredients used and cost prices.

We have also developed an API for menu planning which enables users to export the menus to third-party solutions such as big screens in the canteen or in an app.

CO2 calculator

We have developed a calculation function consisting of a scale with four different levels, where red has the highest carbon emissions and so is least good for the environment.

This function allows you to calculate the CO2 footprint for a menu, per portion. The unit of measurement is defined by UNCFF and the European Commission. By converting to a standard unit, you can compare the climate footprint of the different dishes.

Food waste


It is important for places that prepare and serve food and drink to have an overview of how much food waste they produce, and where. This is relevant to costs and sustainability. 

Having a food waste function integrated into the system you are already using for other tasks, such as menus and ordering, makes it as efficient as possible for you to track food waste. 


The stocktaking module is one of the latest modules in Millum Procurement. It was developed to streamline the task that many people see as a drain on their time. 

The module gives you the following options: 


  • Ability to count stock offline
  • Facility for several people to feed into the same stocktaking, or to delegate parts of the stocktaking
  • Ability to count items under the correct names
  • Mobile application