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Reasons to use Millum


Millum offers more than just a tailored procurement system for hotels, restaurants, and staff restaurants. In addition to standard modules such as Ordering, Order Processing, Contract Management, Menu Bank, Stocktaking, Reports, and more, the system includes several sustainable add-on modules like CO2 Calculator, Food Waste, and Menu Planning. All of these contribute to streamlining a busy everyday life with many demands.


When using Millum, only one login is required. This provides access to a selection of specialized tools that make daily kitchen operations easier. It provides control and ensures that all tasks are performed efficiently and in compliance with various sustainability requirements.


Read below about selected modules in Millum.

Ordering and Order Processing


Our modules for ordering and order processing are designed to save time by simplifying and making the purchasing process more efficient. Users benefit from the following features:


  • Shopping lists: Create and manage shopping lists to organize purchases in a structured manner
  • Product search: Save time by searching for products across suppliers and product catalogs
  • Product catalogs: Access only agreed-upon goods at agreed-upon prices through contracts with selected suppliers
  • Fixed orders: Simplify repeated orders by creating fixed orders sent regularly
  • Order approval: Ensure accuracy and quality control with order approval

Order Processing:


  • Order archive: Keep track of all previous orders in the order archive
  • Order approval: Receive confirmations for all orders and stay updated at each step of the purchasing process
  • Despatch advices: Ensure accurate handling of goods deliveries from your suppliers
  • Goods receipt: Easily register the arrival of goods and ensure that orders are correctly delivered
  • Receipt advice: Streamline deviation management with automatic identification of any deviations

Menu Bank

Build your own database for recipes and menus. Retrieve ingredients based on products in your own product catalogs and label them with the correct allergen and nutritional content sourced from matinfo.no. Generate order suggestions directly from recipes, based on the quantity to be served for each dish or based on previous orders.


The following possibilities exist in Menu Bank:

  • Build your own recipes and create calculations
  • Extract menus into third-party solutions, such as on large screens in staff restaurants or in apps
  • Good overview of raw material usage and cost price
  • Retrieve nutritional content, allergens, and energy percentages from Matinfo

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Sustainable add-on modules


1. CO2 calculator: Together with RISE and Klimato, we have developed a module that allows our customers to calculate and compare the carbon footprint of dishes and menus.


2. Food Waste: By integrating a food waste function into the same system used for other tasks, it is time-efficient and easy to register food waste.


3. Menu Planning: Set up, customize, and plan menus based on recipes from Menu Bank, with the possibility of flexible intervals. Use our API for integration into third-party solutions such as large screens or apps.


Stocktaking is a task many see as tedious and time-consuming, often becoming a time thief in a hectic daily life. This module has a dedicated app that communicates with the desktop version, offering the following possibilities:


  • Count offline
  • Multiple people can count on the same stocktaking
  • Delegate parts or a whole stocktaking
  • Count items in the correct denomination
  • Mobile app



With our report module, you can easily extract valuable information from the system in a user-friendly Excel format. With just a few clicks, you can generate custom reports that help you make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data. Our report module is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, and the data is structured so that it can be further processed in Excel.