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Become a more efficient purchaser

Millum’s principal product for anyone having to purchase products and services is a procurement portal called Millum Procurement. This is an e-procurement solution for goods and services that supports all procurement-related functions, from order to payment.


In addition, we offer solutions for issuing and receiving invoices, invoice management, analysis or integration with other business systems.


All to ensure you a good deal – every time.


Customers’ main reasons for using Millum’s solutions:


Provide an excellent overview


Prevent bad purchases


Simplify follow-up and control


Provide continuous benefits

Incorporate everything in Millum Procurement and gain complete control

You can use the Millum Procurement portal to create a comprehensive directory of products from all your suppliers. In so doing, anyone who needs to order an item has direct access to agreed products and prices. They can also view previous orders, create permanent shopping lists, perform inventories, prepare recipes and calculations, check allergens and nutritional content, locate contract and supplier information, and much more.

This makes it quick and easy to always use the right suppliers. The result is fewer incorrect orders, greater control and increased profitability. It also ensures you a good deal – every time. 

Menu bank

In this module you can gather everything in one place; recipes, allergy labeling, preparation guides and nutrition calculation. This way you will have an easy overview of all important information about your meals, and also your costs of goods.

You will also find a calculation program which gives you the opportunity to make and share calculations for different menus made from products you find in the system, or products you have registered yourself. This way you will have control of how all your meals shall be prepared, and ongoing control of all costs since price changes will automatically be updated in your calculations.

Supplier cooperation

It is easy to add suppliers to the Millum Procurement portal, and to remove them, as and when your needs change.

The portal has also been designed to support the needs of both purchasers and suppliers, which makes it the ideal starting point for cooperation. Furthermore, we are always on hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Never miss an order. Ever.


We get a completely different control and can tailor the purchases for selected devices. The fact that we own all statistics and data creates wonderful conditions for follow-up

Karl Elmstedt

Purchasing Director - Compass Group AB

Issuing or receiving invoices?

Whatever the answer, there are benefits to be had, whether in the form of a cost reduction or better oversight and improved control. We can help with it all.

Whether your business issues or receives invoices, converts them to or from EHF format or another format, transmits them using the PEPPOL network or sends them direct to your business partners, be they hard copy or scanned, we have the services to help you achieve an efficient invoice flow.


Bring order to invoice management

You can also integrate our invoice management system Millum Pay with the procurement portal and so simplify the entire invoicing process. By gathering orders and invoices in one place and having a common workflow for all invoices, you are presented with a vastly improved overview and greater control. All invoices are sent direct to the correct authorising party, without any going astray. Speak to one of our experts to find out all you need to know about Millum Pay.

Use the information behind the figures

The procurement portal processes a vast quantity of figures and other data; data that you can use in your planning, strategy and development work. Our tool Millum Analytics makes these figures much easier to understand and use. Speak to us to find out how you can put your numerical data to better use!
Hender på tastatur som handler

What’s in the food?

Food allergies and food intolerance are becomingly increasingly common in Norway, meaning that both the authorities and diners in particular demand accurate and reliable information about the ingredients used in products. For that reason, we have developed for the Norwegian market, which provides free access to all you need to know about ingredients, nutritional content and potential allergens. In Sweden vi cooperate with and

Integrate the portal with your workflow...

To serve as an advanced tool, the procurement portal has to work alongside a number of other business systems and be of use to everyone. This means it must be possible to integrate Millum Procurement with systems for accounting, finance, point-of-sale/inventory management, etc. Which of course it is! We have the experience and the expertise to integrate systems and are only satisfied when everything is up and running.

The same is true for the training provided for using the system. Everyone who needs it receives training – in both everyday use and in utilising the opportunities afforded by this product.


...or take it step by step

The introduction of a new system can often feel overwhelming. It may therefore be good to know that you can start slow. Perhaps you just want to trial the procurement module among a select group of users and suppliers?

We can arrange that for you. This helps build greater confidence in the solution and may reveal additional benefits for your business. Our experienced consultants know better than most how to help you get off to a good start.

Why should you use e-procurement?

Are you wondering why your business should use e-procurement? In e-commerce you have a great tool for improving procurement processes and making better purchases. The introduction of an e-commerce system also supports the business goal of resource efficiency.

Getting started as a purchaser


Make deals with your suppliers


Get access to Millum Procurement


Provide employees with access to the right products


Make every deal a good deal


Ask us for advice today!

Millum has extensive experience of developing and commissioning e-commerce solutions for both purchasers and suppliers. This, combined with broad knowledge of the industry, makes us an excellent sparring partner for you.