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How do you get started with Millum?

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A procurement system adapted to your systems

A procurement system should work together with other systems in the company, and should be available for many people to use. Millum Procurement can be integrated with finance and admin systems, POS and inventory management.  We have the experience and the expertise to complete this integration and are only satisfied when everything is up and running.


The same applies to the training provided in the use of the system. We provide training in both everyday use and in utilising the opportunities afforded by this product.


Introducing a new system can be overwhelming. If you want to start small, you can do that. Perhaps you just want to test out the procurement module among a select group of users and suppliers?

Ann Karin

Find the best procurement solution for your company

Millum Procurement is suited to both large and small players, either individually or through a procurement organisation.  All companies have their own needs, and we can adapt to their preferences.


Talk to us about the best solution for your particular business.

If you are a member of these procurement organisations, you will have Millum Procurement:



Nores is a member-owned procurement organisation for hotels and restaurants in Norway and Sweden. It has an order volume of approx 2.7 billion and around 1,000 members that all of the profits are returned to, as Nores is a non-profit organisation. The members are well-established and prominent players, both individual businesses and chains. 

Nores calls Millum’s procurement solution ‘Buy at Nores’.




Norway’s largest procurement organisation for accommodation, food service and travel companies, with 2,200 members. If you are a member of NHO/NHO Reiseliv, it is free to join. The procurement chain is owned by the members and profits go back to them through a bonus scheme. 

NHO calls Millum’s procurement solution ‘Horecainnkjop’.





The GRESS Group is owned by Scandic Hotels, Compass Group Norway and the Radisson Hotel Group. Their vision is to be the most attractive procurement organisation for suppliers, owners and members. They aim to contribute to increased profitability for owners and members by establishing joint framework agreements with suppliers. 


Gress calls Millum’s procurement solution Gressnett.