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Nordic Procurement System Sparks Global Project

Following a successful pilot project to integrate Millum's procurement system with the ERP system SAP at one of the largest Radisson hotels in the Nordics, the integration has now been implemented at almost all Radisson hotels in Scandinavia. Both Millum and Radisson are very satisfied with the results. The Nordic procurement system has proven that it can handle complex processes and integrations within a global corporation, while Radisson has gained valuable insights into how they can operate their procurement platform outside Scandinavia.

By: Una Tingvik Haave 07.11.2023 15:48


How a Nordic Procurement System Became a Guide for a Global Corporation

Almost four years ago, Radisson decided that all their hotels globally should adopt the Chinese GPP as their procurement system. However, the situation developed differently when the Scandinavian hotels expressed a strong desire to continue with their existing procurement system, Millum. This system had always worked excellently for them and was already an integral part of the organization's infrastructure.

After becoming aware of how well the Nordic procurement system worked for their Scandinavian hotels, Radisson made a remarkable decision. They not only chose to allow the use of Millum for their Scandinavian hotels, but they also wanted to do a pilot project with Millum to connect the procurement system to the ERP system SAP for one of their largest hotels in the Nordics, the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel in Stockholm. After a successful pilot, the integration was to be rolled out at all the chain's hotels in Scandinavia. Subsequently, Radisson wanted to use the insights from the pilot to operate their procurement platform outside Scandinavia.

Integrating such a system with a procurement system can be a long and complicated process, but Millum took on the challenge readily. They had always claimed that they could handle and integrate with all the processes used in an organization, and they saw this as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their expertise.

Success for the Nordic Procurement System

After a successful pilot, the integration began to be rolled out across the rest of Radisson's hotels in Scandinavia as planned. To date, this has been completed for almost all the hotels, while the remaining hotels are expected to be connected over the next year.

This has been a great success for Millum, which has managed to retain its procurement customers at Radisson Scandinavia and at the same time proven that it can handle complex processes and integrations across national borders in a global company. It has also been successful for Radisson, who now have answers on how to connect their hotels globally to their chosen ERP system, SAP.