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Who is Millum?

Millum shall

deliver outstanding customer experiences that create sustainable competitive advantage, effective differentiation and positioning based on our brand platform.



To be a part of each and every positive commercial and information experience


Our mission

A neutral value network that facilitates trade and information.



A proactive partner with a broad spectrum of digital solutions designed to meet the market’s current and future needs


Business concept:

We develop sustainable, industry-oriented digital solutions that streamline processes, simplify the flow of information and increase trade through our solutions – with a focus on perceived customer value



Proactive – Dependable – Knowledgeable

  • Millum

    is the first - and largest - procurement system specially adapted for hotels, restaurants and staff restaurants in the Nordics 

  • Millum

    has been developed in collaboration with our customers since the start in 2002 

  • Millum

    is Norwegian, but also established in Sweden and Denmark 

  • Millum

    owns and has developed Matinfo, and collaborates with Factlines 

  • Millum

    is a neutral marketplace between purchasers and suppliers 

  • Millum

    is a link between more than 90 small and large customers on the purchasing side and over 2.500 suppliers, wholesalers and producers 


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