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This is Millum

Millum is the largest procurement system for hotels, restaurants and canteens in the Nordics. Every year, orders worth more than 10 billion kroner pass through the system we have developed. With more than 16,000 users a day, we are getting better all the time, thanks to our close collaboration with all of them. 


That is why we say: A good deal, systematised!


We understand the food service industry

Ever since we started up in 2002, we have worked exclusively to supply and optimise procurement systems to make life easier for suppliers and buyers in hotels, restaurants and canteens.

CEO and consultant at a booth in front of a spinning wheel. Photo.

A procurement system developed with and for our customers

Right from the start, we have been concerned to meet the needs of the industry. That means both the people buying and those supplying and selling. That is why we have worked closely with customers to develop the system and add functionality all the way through. A job that continues today and which will never be finished.


First complete procurement solution


Millum was founded in 2002 by Bjørn Anskau, Knut Øksby and Roberto Padin. The idea was to develop a system to enable hotels, restaurants and canteens to order everything they needed from their chosen suppliers. Millum is now Norway’s largest procurement system and is used by food service outlets all over Norway as well as in Sweden and Denmark.




We do not like to take sides. We don’t want to, and we get nothing out of it. Our dream is to provide a procurement solution which is secure and efficient for both buyers and sellers. We are a marketplace for the catering sector which is simple and easy to use.


Norwegians and neighbours


Norway is a long thin country with high mountains and deep valleys. Small towns and big cities. All of them are home to food and drink producers, restaurants and hotels or big companies with canteens. If we can provide a procurement solution to satisfy all of their needs, requirements and procedures, we are convinced we can do it anywhere.

  • Millum

    is Norway's first - and largest - procurement system specially adapted for large households such as hotels, restaurants and canteens

  • Millum

    has developed in collaboration with our customers since the start in 2002

  • Millum

    is Norwegian, but also established in Sweden and Denmark

  • Millum

    owns and has developed Matinfo, and collaborates with Factlines

  • Millum

    is a neutral marketplace between buyers and suppliers

  • Millum

    is a link between more than 90 small and large customers on the purchasing side and over 2.500 suppliers, wholesalers and producers

Please follow us!

Millum shall

deliver outstanding customer experiences that create sustainable competitive advantage, effective differentiation and positioning based on our brand platform.



To be a part of each and every positive commercial and information experience


Our mission

A neutral value network that facilitates trade and information.


A proactive partner with a broad spectrum of digital solutions designed to meet the market’s current and future needs


Business concept:

We develop sustainable, industry-oriented digital solutions that streamline processes, simplify the flow of information and increase trade through our solutions – with a focus on perceived customer value



Proactive – Dependable – Knowledgeable

20 years of satisfied customers and suppliers

On 1 December 2002, the journey towards what is now the preferred procurement system for hotels and restaurants in the Nordis began. The way forward? The Nordics', perhaps Europe's, largest - who knows? We aim for at least another 20 years!