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Modules and functions in Millum Procurement


Millum Procurement is split into different modules which make it easier to handle day-to-day tasks in the kitchen. 

Most are standard modules which are available to everyone. Some are modules you can choose to add to your procurement system as required. 


Standard modules


  • Ordering (shopping lists, product search, catalogues)
  • Order processing (order archive, substitutions, packing slips, order approval)
  • Contracts (supplier agreements)
  • Menubank (recipes, labelling, sharing, multi-replace)
  • Stocktaking
  • Reports
  • Admin (admin settings for admin users)


 Optional modules


  • Menu planning
  • Climate footprint calculator
  • Food waste
  • Free-text ordering (for services from suppliers who do not have a catalogue in the system; temporary staff, tradespeople, security services etc.)
  • Invoice
  • Millum Pay (Millum’s own invoice transfer system which can be integrated with the procurement system)
  • Millum Analytics (systematised data from the procurement portal)