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Modules and functions in Millum Procurement


Millum Procurement is split into different modules which make it easier to handle day-to-day tasks in the kitchen. 

Most are standard modules which are available to everyone. Some are modules you can choose to add to your procurement system as required.


Standard modules


  • Ordering including app

    - Shopping lists

    - Product search

    - Product catalogues

    - Fixed order

    Read more about Ordering.

  • Order processing

    - Order archive

    - Order approval

    - Packing slips

    - Stock receipt

    - Deviation notices

    Read more about Order processing.

  • Contracts

    - Supplier agreements

    - Supplier labeling

    Read more about Contracts.

  • Menu bank

    - Recipes with calculations

    - Labelling

    - Sharing

    - Multi-replace products

    Read more about Menu bank.

  • Stocktaking including app

    - Stocktaking for one or more warehouses on your location

    - App also works offline and talks to the desktop version

    - Updated value against the suppliers' catalogues

    Read more about our stocktaking module.

  • Reports

    - Standard reports with data from all modules

    - Easy customization for tailored reports

    - Rights management on reports

    Read more  about Reports.



Optional modules


  • Menu planning

    - Planning menus

    - Intervals such as weekly or monthly menu

    - Overview of raw material utilization and cost price

    Read more about Menu planning.

  • CO2 calculator

    - Calculate the climate footprint of recipes by linking ingredients to climate data in climate databases

    - The possibility of informed choices – for the guest and for the person creating the recipe

    Read more about the climate footprint calculator.

  • Food waste including app

    - Registration of food waste in up to 5 areas

    - App that also works offline and communicates with the desktop version

    - Download report and send directly to projects like: "KuttMatsvinn2030" (CutFoodWaste2030)

    Read more about our food waste function.

  • Free-text ordering

    - Ordering of services from suppliers who do not have a catalogue in the system; temporary staff, tradespeople, security services etc.)

    Read more about Free-text ordering.

  • Invoice

    - Processing of all incoming invoices

    - Enriched with data such as accounting and recipient information

    Read more about Invoice.

  • Millum Analytics

    - Systematised data from the procurement portal

    - Under development; Climate account based on your actual purchases

    Read more about Millum Analytics.

Integration possibilities

Millum can be integrated with a variety of professional systems tailored to each individual customer and their system. This is done as a standalone project. Adjustments to the customer's system are carried out by the customer or the customer's third party.

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