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Millum Pay at Cafe Osebro

Nina Glimsdal is Head of Finance at Cafe Osebro in Porsgrunn, southern Norway. The cafe has been using Millum Pay for about two years and is delighted with the solution.

By: Morten Sandvold Schee 02.12.2019 11:03


- It’s a simple system that helps you save time, says Nina.

She says that invoice management used to take a lot of time; invoices would be sent out to each location, and then personally returned. So obviously it took a lot of time.

- I feel that I personally now have far greater control than before. We’ve never particularly had problems with late invoice payment, but now I can see all outstanding invoices in the system. This means I can monitor each individual invoice. The result is greater control and it helps me avoid extra work at the last minute.

It is not only Nina and the other office staff that have noticed the changes.

- The people working in preparation and service tell me that they feel they have more control, as well as more time to spend on other things. Needless to say, it’s great that everyone in the organisation notices the benefits of the system. This, of course, makes the management very pleased, says a delighted Nina Glimsdal.

For Nina and Cafe Osebro, implementing Millum Pay has led to all kinds of positive effects.

I would strongly recommend Millum Pay. We haven’t looked back since we started using it.