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Who is Millum?

Millum AS is a Norwegian tech company that develops and manages e-commerce solutions for all parties in the value chain. We supply everything from web-based procurement solutions for major procurement chains to e-commerce solutions for stand-alone suppliers, as well as a range of services that tie everything together.

We believe that our industry focus can help create better solutions for our customers, due to our understanding of their businesses and needs. This approach has enabled us to establish our company as a leading player in the food service industry in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Our role as a facilitator guarantees good business – every time.

The focus as we continue to develop our solutions will be on new lines of business and new services. Our subsidiary Matinfo AS is one example of this. It is an independent food database that makes information supplied by all food and drink manufacturers available to anyone who wants it. And that includes Millum.

Thanks to Millum’s solutions, the company’s current trade volume is approximately NOK 8.9 billion, and our operations are continuing to expand in the Nordic region. In Norway and Sweden we have worked in partnership with major industry stakeholders to establish our own sales agents for the food service industry. These are Horecamarket AS in Norway and Icio AB in Sweden.


More about Millum

Our objective is to deliver outstanding customer experiences that create sustainable competitive advantages and effective differentiation and positioning for our customers.



To be a part of each and every positive commercial and information experience



A proactive partner with a broad spectrum of digital solutions designed to meet the market’s current and future needs


Business concept:

We develop sustainable, industry-oriented digital solutions that streamline processes, simplify the flow of information and increase trade through our solutions – with a focus on perceived customer value



Proactive – Dependable – Knowledgeable

Millum and CSR

At Millum and Matinfo we are developing digital solutions that help our customers on both sides of the table to conduct sustainable business. We are active in a number of CSR and sustainability arenas and work hard to ensure that development of our technology keeps pace with changing market demand.


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